The Advantages of a SMART-Board

12 January 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have recently installed a new, interactive "SMART" presentation board & projector in our main, G01 conference room.

Interactive whiteboards allow many different forms of media to be displayed including presentations & video’s, offering users the opportunity to share & participate in a more immersive presentation experience.

The interactivity allows users to touch, write & draw on the board, allowing for greater emphasis & immediate feedback on the subject at hand. The board allows easy access to the internet & the enormous variety of resources the web offers, through the free, fast Wi-Fi provided at the centre.

We also have a laptop available to use with the system. Alternatively you can bring your own to use for your presentation.


SMART Board Installed!

17 December 2014

We are pleased to announce that we have installed a Interactive SMART Board & Projector in our conference room.

Anyone who has used a "SMART-Board" will know that they are an ideal tool for enhancing presentations, either in a business or educational environment.

We also have a Laptop available & a fast free Wi-Fi connection to provide a complete solution for your presentation requirements.

Read on for the Advantages of using a SMART-Board.